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Why a routine exam if you

Why a routine exam if you aren't following the advise... You are so good at managing your health then stop taking appointment slots that could be used by someone else... Again... you spent someone elses money for this visit that you didn't care what the results were. The Oppthalmologist (who is a surgeon by the way, so most likely it was an optometrist). I get that you may feel that you and/or your employer paid into the insurance so you need to get your value back by doing the routine visits...

As for shingles.. No doubt you would have gotten better without any treatment... yet you sought treatment and then ignored the advise... Which medication did you actually take? The antiviral or the pain reliever (My bet is the pain reliever...)

It's not like the Physician grabbed you off the street and said you need to take the medications because you have shingles. You sought their expert opinion about the rash, they offered it, you ignored it... This is your right, but don't bash on the physician when they give you their best answer to the question YOU asked...