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Wrong on all counts

And when you Endorsed Romney all of your father's Delegates lost all clout

What clout did they have, and how did Rand endorsing Romney cause them to lose it?

Your father should have been the one speaking at the Convention and not you.

So you were angry than Rand got to speak and not Ron, yea, all of us would have rather seen Ron up there...but how can you lay blame for that on Rand? Are you saying he should have turned down the offer of speaking, and given up a chance at popularizing himself with the Republican masses out of spite? Is that how we win?

wrong to support Romney as he was no where close to a Liberty candidate prior

You think Rand thought Romney was a liberty candidate? No, of course not, Rand endorsed him because it was politically expedient. We are involved in...politics - you know this, right?

It hurt the liberty movement profoundly

No it didn't, it only hurt the sentiment of some Paulites who didn't/don't understand why Rand did what he did.

you let us down just when we were winning it all.

Winning it all? Are you seriously that delusional? We were not winning. It was mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to win the nomination long before Rand endorsed Romney. Ron Paul's own campaign admitted this. It is not debatable, no amount of wishful thinking changes it. Just look at the facts. Shall I dust off the old delegate numbers one last time?

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