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Please, No Tantrum Throwing

I think it goes without saying to anyone who has read the article that my research skills are sufficiently adequate. However, my door is always open to the possibility that I may have overlooked something.

You do come across as a person who has nothing of substance to bring to the debate table however. You use strong language like "idiotic" and "fool" in a manner I would expect from a juvenile. The expression "shut-up or put up" seems to apply as you have made no attempt to resolve the following apparent false prophesy of Jesus:

"In Matthew 16:27-28, Jesus predicts his second coming to be within the lifetime of his own followers. We all know how accurate that was. If a supposed prophet has even one prophecy fail, can he rightfully be called a prophet? The bible itself says no, in Deut. 18:22."

So in this case, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, we see that even Jesus Christ himself is shown to be a false prophet, and therefore we ought not be wary of him (again, this is coming from the Christian Bible itself, as anyone can verify within the two passages cited).

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