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Road socialism

I'll do my best to answer your question.

Your question is a legitimate one, in a way. What would happen if the most direct route to your destination was blocked through prohibitive fees? I have experience with similar issues, but not due to monetary reasons. I grew up in a rural area, and often times due to landslides or bridge repairs, I would be unable to use the direct route to and from my home for months, or sometimes years at a time. So the idea that this issue could only exist under an ancap road system isn't entirely true. At least in ancap world I COULD use that road if I was willing to pay enough. In my example (real life) I was unable to for any reason.

But let's get back to your example. This road is being run by people who want to make a profit, yes? Why on earth would the set the price so high that the people who live long it couldn't afford to drive on it? Many of the most profitable companies in the world are those that sell large quantities at rock bottom prices. Roads would be most profitable when everyone can afford to use them, and not just when 2 or 3 rich people can pay the tolls. Also, youre presupposing the only way to fund a private road is through tolls. I can imagine a world where companies pool funds to build roads to translort goods and give their customers access to those roads (and subsequently their stores) for free. Or what about if a pool of investors builds a road and just puts up a few billboards to fund it?

This goes back to my earlier question: why do you trust the free market with all of the most vital necessities of human life, but you get scared of evil capitalist monopoly men with curly mustaches when it comes to roads?

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