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Comment: Check out how similar this footage is

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Check out how similar this footage is

Go to this video:

Now skip to around 1:33:24 and watch the woman testify. Notice although she appears to cry, there are no tears.

Lots of people can't fathom why a government would stage an event. Maybe this will shed some light. "Nayirah" is a proven fake and a sort of "crisis actor" herself.

Go to 1:00:20 which will explain to you the three steps of the Hegelion Dialectic and why a government would want to commit a false flag.

This entire video is worth watching but it will take you a while. Well took me longer than it should have because I kept stopping it to verify various information and also to translate some items that originated in other languages. Lots of stuff I already knew but there was a lot that I didn't know as well.