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NowOrNever, I disagree.

Whether Ron and Rand discussed/planned this or not, here is my take:

Everybody who I tried to convince of Ron pointed fingers at me saying, even his own son didn't support him.

Everybody around me said, I told you so, Ron wasn't in it to win it, he was setting his son up for election.

Everybody around me called me, Ron Paul and r3VOLution, kooks, as Ron Pauls name was never mentioned once at rnc.

IMO, and in my experience, one NEVER quits before the finish line, whether you are winning OR losing. It is a statement. It is a sign of strength. It was/is a clear indication that this movement, this message, was/is in fact growing. Only then would others have listened, even with partial interest, which is a beginning for some.

I will NEVER change my mind about that. And as much as I admire and appreciate Ron Paul for everything that he has done for me, this movement, our Republic, I would tell him the same. You see, I have years on me. I was not born yesterday. I have succeeded because I fight to the end.

This movement is young. It is truth, but in many ways it is naive. You are bright, but you have much to learn.

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul