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Comment: I want a Puffin! Thx for the Link!

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I want a Puffin! Thx for the Link!

Is tax on gasoline to pay for roads involuntary? I don't have to buy gas. I don't have to use roads. I choose to buy gas and I choose to use roads.

The Amish use roads. They don't need gas for their horses, so they don't buy much in the way of gas. I don't care if they use the roads. As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier.

My problem is that when I talk about no taxes and keeping the fruit of your one's own labor, people bring up the fact that we wouldn't have roads if we didn't have taxes...which is why I clicked on this link in the first place.

I didn't read all the way down thru this thread...imagine me not reading something...imagine me not completely understanding involuntary associations.