Comment: The establishment is behind

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The establishment is behind

The establishment is behind Marco Rubio! They have ALREADY planted lackey attorneys in positions of power in the party leadership in Miami FOR HIM! The ONLY hope is that we turn out at the conventions from precinct, county, and state, in such numbers that we can over run the establishment. It is really easier to do this now then it was in 2012 because it is an off year, meaning no presidential race, and the enthusiasm and "regular Joe" turn out will be way down! We MUST turn out in bigger numbers at the state conventions in 2014, our country hangs in the balance! Are we still a force to be reckoned with, or are we just a few people blogging away in mom's basement? I know many have turned away from the task at hand because of the way we were treated by the GOP, that should only make us that more determined. I am still fighting for Liberty, will you?