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Ron Paul had enough states (prior to the RNC stripping Delegations and changing the rules at the last moment) to put his name into nomination

Yes, but...what has that got to do with Rand? How did Rand endorsing Romney prevent Ron from having his name placed into nomination?

Also, remember that Ron Paul was at the very end of his active campaign drawing over 10,000 people in California of all places. That leverage would have led to not only Ron speaking at the Convention but Rand as well. See what I mean?

No, because, this has nothing to do with Rand. You should be angry with the GOP leadership.

Rand sold out and in the process sold us all out when he endorsed Romney

It's been explained ad nauseum why Rand endorsed Romney, no he didn't sell out.

The timing was way off for the endorsement of Romney. Rand should have waited (held those cards to his chest) until shortly before or even during the Convention when the delegation numbers had been revealed and after his father lost the nomination but got the chance to give his pitch. That is Politics 401 and not 101.

The delegate numbers were known. It was a done deal. They were never going to give Ron a speaking slot if they could help it, regardless of anything Rand might have done. He played it right, he got something. If he had held out, and not endorsed Romney, everything would have played out exactly the same except that he would have gotten nothing. What did he get? He got more mainstream recognition, a valuable commodity if election-winning is anything we want to do anytime soon.

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