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Missing discussion again.

I don't know how you manage to discuss topics, but it sure is a breath of fresh air to actually find someone who can discuss a topic.

You ask:

"Is tax on gasoline to pay for roads involuntary?"

That is once again a very good question and the answer aught to be accurate or there is no reason to ask the question unless you want a false answer.

I can offer a competitive answer.

If a tax on gasoline to pay for roads is seen as too much cost for not enough benefit then those who do not volunteer for such an INVOLUNTARY tax, when there is a Confederation, can protest that despotic tax.

Protesting a despotic tax was a tradition among Americans from 1776 until 1794.

Then the despots crushed that tradition. Before the tradition of protesting despotic taxes there were things called Liberty Poles.

Look it up.

Within a Confederation of Separate Sovereign States (Legal Fictions), which are not necessarily Voluntary Governments, the tax payers can vote wither their feet from one very bad despotic State to one less bad despotic State.

That is called the FORCE of many people making many choices from BAD to GOOD, or that is called The Free Market (of governments), which is a design feature of a Confederated VOLUNTARY Union of States.

That worked between 1776 and 1788 in that way.

So the question does not have to be answered by one person, me, or a "president", rather the question can be answered by everyone who cares to answer the question.

The question again (thanks again bear, you are one in a million):

"Is tax on gasoline to pay for roads involuntary?"

If the association (the glue binding the people together) is voluntary, such as a voluntary government designed as one, then each answer counts.

If one person answers NO, then they do what they can to not pay the tax, and they can move to a State where they don't have to pay the tax.

If enough people move out of 49 States to the 1 State that is not despotic (not involuntary) then the answer is answered in a democratic way, not by deceit, not by threat of violence, and not by violence, just volunteer your behind to a place where like minded people move when the depots take over (and that is why a Confederated government is designed to defend LIBERTY instead of work to enslave everyone at once).

Reading on:

"My problem is that when I talk about no taxes and keeping the fruit of your one's own labor, people bring up the fact that we wouldn't have roads if we didn't have taxes...which is why I clicked on this link in the first place."

To me the question is very easy to answer. Ask anyone. See and get back to me, please, as to the answer you find.

Do you see a need to resort to deceit?

Do you see a need to resort to threats of violence?

Do you see a need to resort to violence?

Do you need to do the criminal routine in any case where you see a need to get anything from an innocent person?

If the answer is no, but the same person offering that answer is claiming that involuntary taxes are needed, then they are lying.

Either their lies are willful or their lies are mere routines stuck into their brains like a robot or a computer may be programed to lie.

This is not news.

"I didn't read all the way down thru this thread...imagine me not reading something...imagine me not completely understanding involuntary associations."

Imagine me not believing in the Lord Jesus Christ?

We all sin.

We all make mistakes.

Some mistakes ought not be passed onto the children.