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Look, I don't have a problem discussing

things with you but I would appreciate it if you went back and read this whole thread where I've written my reasons because I've answered every one of your questions in one fashion or another about 5 times to different people.. Frankly I'm tired of tackling the same argument from each of you each time.

One guy has hit me with the same free market idea 5 times now and I keep hoping what I'm saying about logistics and human nature will sink in but, nope.. not happening.

"Why on earth would the set the price so high that the people who live long it couldn't afford to drive on it?"

When you ask me questions like this when there are many examples where greed has twisted into something other than good free market sense, it makes me a little, well annoyed.

This society has a propensity for corruption, it's evident, that we have lost moral ground so it's silly to think that there won't be cases of gouge when people know that they have you by the balls.

I would be glad to work some sort of system out to where as one poster put it, voluntary tax, was placed on a product strictly for the duration of the completion of a road..

If you can come up with an actual competing free market idea, I'm all ears. As it is.. just selling our shit to a private company does not a free market make.

How about we just sell it all to the federal reserve? They're are after-all a private group no? :)

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