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Comment: Try to understand both sides

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Try to understand both sides

You should really try to fully understand both sides of the argument and try to realize how complex this issue is.

I recently actually read the NIST report on building 7 myself and have been sharing my thoughts on that to people in the truth movement.

People around DP are not very open to hearing thoughts that dont conform to their exact liking but I present them here to help get people thinking. As someone new to the issue I would be happy to hear your perspective.

many in the truth movement only show this cropped version of WTC 7 collapsing:

they dont show the whole collapse which starts at least 10 seconds earlier.

The complete video shows significant internal structural damage to the building occurring long before the video he shows. The more complete video actually looks like the NIST model.

I dont know what the truth is with building 7 or any of it. You just asked how to be a truther in public and I am trying to show you that you should have an appreciation that it is complicated. My recommendation is "be humble." Most in the truth movement come off saying things like WTC 7 is the smoking gun, or it is a slam dunk classic controlled demolition.

I believed this for a long time, until I started looking into it in detail for myself and not just listening to what self-anointed truth movement experts told me to think. No one, for example in the truth movement ever told me that WTC 7 was a unique structure as it was build on gigantic trusses over the con-edison substation.

If you read and learn the official explanation for WTC 7 collapse they identify the failure of this unique truss system as responsible for collapse. Their model lines up with the video evidence when viewed in its entirety. Like I said. Complicated...