Comment: You've befuddled me.

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You've befuddled me.

First, it was established below that gas taxes pay for roads. So how are you paying for them if you do not buy gas?

Second, laying asphalt is only one course of the usual four courses involved in road construction. There is first excavation or embankment to get the road to the proper elevation/alignment/crown, then there is a subbase course of coarsely graded gravel, then another base course of more finely graded crushed gravel , all compacted. 'Dirt roads' are rarely just made of dirt. If it is a government road it is at least up to the base course layer. Asphalt is just base course mixed with bitumen, a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. A dirt road in most locations would be impassable with a hint of moisture.

If roads were private the best way to pay for them would be at the pump. The heavier the vehicle the more fuel would be required. Of all things the government does this tax and service makes to most sense. And governments don't build roads. They are contracted out to the lowest bidder. So this government service is very efficient besides the bureaucracy involved in obtaining land and procuring contracts.

Property owners having to pay for the education of children is really unfair. I am not sure where the FAA gets their funds but whether it is through income tax or gas tax it is unfair for those who do not fly.

Of course we all know the moral issue with the State to begin with but I think the roads and the post office are at least a benefit we receive from their ill gotten booty. These are the only benefits I have ever received from the rip-off anyway. Welfare and 'defense' are the biggest rackets they have going.