Comment: "Get Woods out of the way"? WTF

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"Get Woods out of the way"? WTF

I would have said the same thing some months ago, with the exception of Know-it-all insults.
I cant believe how some of the 9/11 truth community is so egotistical
and defensive, and insulting, like someone who wants to be the one who voted for the winner of and election at all costs. Don't we all want a new investigation? Don't we all want the truth? I thought I was going to be dealing with individuals with open minds. I know now, I was wrong.
I suspected that I would get some instant bullshit from mentioning Judy wood. Sure enough.
I'm really tired so I wont get into this shit now. But there are more things that happened that day in Manhattan. than pulverizing buildings. If you have gone through all the AE9/11truth stuff, you still owe it to yourself to read Her book before mouthing off. I could say plenty of negatives about Stephen E. Jones too; but why bother.