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To be quite honest, I do not

To be quite honest, I do not exactly know.

I say this with the same frankness that I will admit that I have no idea how computers or personal flying machines will work in the future.

Let us remember that we only specialize in certain fields, so it would be ludicrous to think we had all the answers.

But the answers are there, though, in some smart entrepreneur's head, just waiting to bestow prosperity on us.

I have quite a few ideas, though.

No one can be sure how the market will solve problems, but eventually they do get solved.

For example--slavery.

No one knew how cotton would be picked in the absence of forced labor, but it worked out.

In pre-abolition times, they would have thought you a maniac if you would have suggested that huge mechanical machines would zoom through the fields and snatch up the cotton with their robot arms.

But that didn't matter, all that mattered is that force and violence was not used to accomplish the task.

The market--aka: free people--worked it out.

A few ideas:

The interstate highway system would be split into hundreds of sections and sold off to private enterprise.

State highways and roads would be divided into hundreds if not thousands of sections and auctioned off just like the interstate.

Rural and suburban roads would be under the jurisdiction of the people who live on and own property along the roads.

These people would come together and form voluntary associations to manage their roads.

In the absence of taxation, they would have all the money needed to do so.

An excellent example of how this works are condominiums and private communities.

These free associations take no tax funding but yet are able to maintain spotless looking asphalt--and the best part--no one needs to make threats to make it happen, it's all contractual.

And as for tolls on major roads, who knows what some bright entrepreneurs will come up with.

Maybe they will stick to the old-school toll gate.

Or, something like the "easypass" system could be used. This is where the driver installs a small electronic box inside their car and each time they pass a gate, zap, they are recorded and a monthly statement is sent to their house.

Who knows what will be invented.

One thing I do know is, using violence and threats is barbaric.

We live in "A Jetson's World," let's take advantage of all the technology and freeflow of ideas available today and not revert back to the model of our forefathers---

---do it my way, OR ELSE.

Taxation is a relic.

Onward to the future, not back the violent past.