Comment: Before Perot, Paul predicted everything we see today!

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Before Perot, Paul predicted everything we see today!

Cavuto, got it right when he contrasted Paul with Perot. True, both were Texans; but Paul put much more of himself and his career on the line than Perot did. Early on, Paul saw that his children and grandchildren's immediate future would be threatened by Nixon's removal of the precious metals backing our dollar. Ironically, Paul ran for Congress and won his seat in Congress, within the same party affiliation as Nixon's! Just goes to show, as Dr. Paul often smilingly warns, "Be careful of getting your name on the ballot, because you just might win!"

Neil starts out by cleverly playing off the name similarities and dynamic influences of Ron Paul and the apostle Paul; and then launched from there into casting Dr. Paul as the most accurate forecaster ever in high elected office, long before Perot ran for the highest office in the land!

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