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Ahhh, That''s the rub

The mineral in the soil may not have included some mineral. Here is Zinc.

Even if your the King of the Road traveling the country it is hard to get all the trace minerals.

Check out your favorite minerals here. Florida soil is missing just about everything.

However, men have been adding wood ashes to amend the soil forever. The first US Patent was for wood ashes which we sold to England.

Of course, wood ashes only contain the minerals that are in the soil they grow in. And they tend to end up in the runoff over time.

Seaweed has also been used as a soil amendment and contains 60+ minerals.

Diatomaceous earth from marine deposit also have 60+ minerals.

Some humic deposits have 60+ minerals. Fertilizers are made from this material.

Addig plant material and wood ashes will improve the soil. The humus feeds the microbes that digest rocks and clay for plants.

Perspiration and Elimination dump minerals every day. Replacement every day needed for optimum health.

Mineral deficiency leads to birth defects. Prenatal supplementation in livestock reduces birth defects to one in half a million. In human defects are currently running more that 1 in five thousand because of poor pre-natal nutrition.

Thanks for the great report. I am glad to hear that you have cured your mineral deficiencies!

Free includes debt-free!