Comment: 'Bout 2002 I discovered his writings.

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'Bout 2002 I discovered his writings.

I was libertarian as far back as I can remember. I only voted once in my life in 1988. I remember voting Libertarian for POTUS so I unknowingly voted for Ron Paul back then. There were some ballot initiatives I wanted to vote on. Then I later heard there was this libertarian-Republican from Texas in Congress named Ron Paul. There was not a whole lot on the Internet for libertarians back then. But in 2002ish I discovered some articles of his on the Internet and I followed him after that. Then in December 2007 I was in the Doctor's office and I heard on the News (I hated the News ever since 2003 when they rallied the people to murder all those Iraqis so I never watched it at home) that Ron Paul had just set a new record for the most funds ever raised in a day by an candidate. I got goose bumps all over. I rushed home, Googled it, and joined the fun.

And it has been fun. Being awake sucks sometimes but knowing that all the craziness of the system is just that, craziness, and not a personal problem is worth the hassle.