Comment: The only way to avoid violence...

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The only way to avoid violence...

..(and even THAT'S not certain, given their swift executions, by proxy, of Messieurs Hussein & Kadafi) is to undercut them in the market. Unlike Sadaam 'n' Moammar, we are small and ineffectual and MAY stay under the radar, so WHENEVER YOU CAN DON'T USE THEIR MONEY. I know, it's a Fe'ral Feifdom we live in and it's usually "necessary" to transact in Fe'ral Reserve Digits, but we still have many opportunities to offer gold and silver in trade.

True Confession: I Was Bernard's Unindicted Co-conspirator. To wit: I have foisted somewhere around a hundred ounces of pure silver on unsuspecting ("[U]nsuspecting" my athletic, melalin deficient glutes!) vendors and cashiers. Now the poor saps are sitting on thrity dollar chunks of metal that they paid ten and twenty dollars a piece for long long ago on an island far far away. Boo hoo. I feel so guilty.

Since von notHaus has lately suspended his operation, I've moved on to United States Legal Tender Goid and Silver Coins (at steep premium, or, in accounting parlance, "discount") and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS urge vendors to report Legal Tender receipts accurately and to pay statutory taxes with United States Legal Tender scrip and base metal tokens.

Usually I get the Whisky Tango Foxtrot gaze, but every once in a while someone's eyes will light up. The rush really is worth the potential tedium. Give it a try!

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