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There are more than one way to "skin a cat". I only joined the GOP because of Ron Paul, and now that I am seated in the GOP, and signed a loyalty oath,, I have a commitment. But DP is not a GOP blog, and many folks here, as much as they LOVE Ron Paul never joined the GOP, and seek an alternative. The Judge is a popular choice here. When I saw the "Draft The Judge" petition, I checked to see if anyone on DP had posted it. They had not. So I did. Why not?

It's not going to hurt me, and possibly will bring unity.

My issue with MSM is very deep.. I don't care if The Judge was fired.. it's ALL SHOW to me.. I understand for many who "tune in" it is reality.. but it's not GOP, so for me, it would take some convincing.

I would prefer if folks on DP joined the GOP and our rEVOLution within.. but that is not going to happen.. and I am not about my way or no way. If it was between Rand and The Judge,, I'm going with Rand.