Comment: Yeah, I am pretty much in disbelief at this point.

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Yeah, I am pretty much in disbelief at this point.

Many years I have been told about how this group or that group would defend the Constitution. Well, the day is here. The Constitution is on the line - without the second amendment there is nothing that upholds the rights of the people. Where are all those Patriots? The local "liberty meetup" has a meetup scheduled to bitch about Obamacare, but they have not even sent out a message to call Congressmen or Senators about gun control. So, I am getting my brain around the day when they come for me. I have no desire fora shoot out. I have pretty deadly aim with my mouth, but to be honest, firing a gun scares me, and if it is anything bigger than a pea shooter, it knocks me on my ass.
I am contemplating turning myself in when they call for guns. GO down and say "You can't have my gun, but you can arrest me for refusing" and get myself in custody rather than blown to bits. I'd rather fight them in courts, even crooked, kangaroo courts. At least my words could be recorded... But I am not so silly as to believe I would even get into a courtroom, nor that I would find any justice if I did get there. If I was a decent shot and thought I could take some tuckfards with me, maybe I would be more comfortable planning a shoot out, but my pea shooter would never pierce their armor, and I would be made into Swiss cheese for trying. So here I sit, watching "Oathkeepers" promise not to take my gun... Fabulous. I was not one bit worried about retired cops coming after me. I grew up in a time when women and children were cherished and men defended them. Now I have to figure out how to defend myself from the men who get paid and armed with cutting edge technology and weapons - with my tax money.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.