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The rich republican establishment?

The establishment is the Democratic Party, the Rich are within BOTH parties.

The GOP is being gutted with MSM and dirty politics by design.

Ron Paul saw what was going on and I believe one reason he remained within the GOP is RESTORING THE REPUBLIC is to take those empty seats.

My own committee should have had 24 seated membetrs. There were two, and both are middle class at best, and admitted they were Democrats who only joined the GOP to keep the seats warm (keep conservatives OUT).

The GOP is our battle ground.

And how you can help.. well if you're in Iowa, join the GOP, show up to meetings and get in this good fight. If you are not in Iowa, join your local GOP and give support to those who are working from within.

GOP has much to offer, but they are not going to just give it to us. They want a fight. Let's give it to them.