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Comment: So you're going to be the next dumbass that comes along

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So you're going to be the next dumbass that comes along

Look, very simple.. Take the time to read the whole thread before you start in because I'm getting a little irritated at the morons who continuously miss the point of what I've said repeatedly here. Read how I've given multiple personal examples of private roads. The guy who started this mess of a thread just admitted that he doesn't know how to apply free market to an existing infrastructure. If you can't see it's way more complicated, it's not my problem.

I get a service from it and although it's not perfect and it's even wasteful, it's completely voluntary.

All of those examples are easy.. and not the same. Can I take a road with me? Put it in my pocket? Does a whole community depend on my personal cell phone to make calls with? Is any of this sinking in?

Probably not.. the rhetoric is strong in this one! Rhetoric is useless without an understanding of HOW things work.

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