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Anarchy is freedomsreigning's white whale

I don't think I've seem him/her go more than three posts without making sweeping generalizations about *all* Anarchists (also seems to be the go-to 'insult' of his/hers).

It's always the same old song and dance, too. FR will start off saying that Anarchists want to destroy everything, that they hate everyone, and at one point s/he even said Anarchists wanted to "burn all the dictionaries". Whenever someone calls FR on it, s/he'll start calling names and saying that Anarchists always insult everyone and refuse to defend their positions. Pot? Kettle?

FR usually makes good posts, but for some reason s/he turns into a rabid, MSM-esque mouthpiece whenever s/he brings up Anarchy.

Remember how Brother Winston was with the endless, and usually unfounded, Rand Paul bashing? Well, FR is the 'Brother Winston' of Anarchism. At this point, I'm just going to assume that FR wants to remain willfully ignorant, because s/he continues to use sweeping generalizations and outright lies.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to shoot a bunch of heroin, then torch a pile of dictionaries while sporting a studded leather jacket and a neon pink mohawk.

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