Comment: If 'they' are reading this, I would like them to know...

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If 'they' are reading this, I would like them to know...

I love America, but hate what the government has done to it. I am a patriot, pro military, flag waving, red blooded American. My hope and right as an American is to have freedom and liberty for all.

Something happened to me a few years ago, and my hope is that the agencies that are monitoring us have the same thing happen to them also. It was an awakening. I realized that we all ( even you military, police, and national security folks included ) have been brainwashed, PSYOP'ed, and unknowingly put into the matrix. Our republic, or as some call it , our democracy is not what we live in now, and is heading further off course each day, month, year, and presidential term.

It would take several pages of writing to explain how and why I came to what happened to me and far too long to attempt to wake you up here and now. Just know that it's not us verse you, it's not that we want anarchy or war. We, at least I are here to assist in the awakening. It's my understanding that many of you are also awakening and that is why agendas are being pushed through at a faster pace. In all honesty and again hope, I think we are looking for you military, police, and national security agencies to side with the American people, to uphold the Constitution, and to get very angry at those who have brainwashed us/you, betrayed us/you and caused harm to us/you and our families and friends. Doesn't it infuriate you that you are being used for an agenda by whatever you want to call them (1%, the global elite, transnational corporations, mega banks, luciferians, blue bloods, or just plain ignorant...greedy...weak politicians? All these people should be on trail for crimes against humanity. Remember, they are counting on you staying brainwashed and following orders. Without your participation they cannot accomplish their agenda.

So no, it's not cool to participate in our destruction. In fact, it would be much cooler if you participated in theirs.