Comment: Hmm, careful on the Cavuto praise...

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Hmm, careful on the Cavuto praise...

Has he honestly seen the light on austrian economics and liberty? If so, great!

Or, did he just so happen to come "full circle" conveniently after Paul's political career wrapped up? Now that Paul is retired and not a visible threat to the establishment, Cavuto vomits up the praise. We all follow the campaign for liberty. The average Fox News neocon does not. Looks like they'll treat him like a smart old grandfather that they always supported, so when the SHTF Fox can say, "see we told you so" when in reality they helped stifle Paul.

Yes its good press. Yes exposure to the neocon crowd will help. Yes Cavuto has always been more open to Paul than the others.

I just think it stinks to high heaven that the epiphany to fully embrace Paul waits until his first week of retirement.