Comment: I Don't Think Dr. Paul Would Approve Of This

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I Don't Think Dr. Paul Would Approve Of This

Because where would the money used to purchase the medal come from? I'm assuming it would come from Federal taxes. Would Ron Paul really want to "feed at the public trough" to get a medal? Would he want to force Americans at the point of a gun (the law throwing them in jail if they don't pay their taxes) for this? That seems highly inconsistent w/ his message.

And not that this is relevant to the principle mentioned above but our country is trillions in debt. Now is not the time for this type of thing. Sure, the cost of that medal would be a "spit in the ocean" but I still think Dr. Paul would find it even more unsettling to waste federal tax dollars when we're broke.

The only way (I think) that he'd accept this medal is via voluntary donations.

To me, the best way to honor him is to try to learn the principles of liberty that he talks about and then live them and spread them.