Comment: I am supposed to raise funds for the Iowa GOP.

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I am supposed to raise funds for the Iowa GOP.

But the Iowa Republican Party is a political orphan. The sugar daddies that lavished their wealth on the old GOP establishment machine have closed up their checkbooks and encouraged their fat cat buddies to do the same. The MSM is more than happy to report the fact and blame the Ron Paul Republicans that have "hijacked" the party.

As a county chair and 2012 delegate to the RNC, I am the type of person that the state party has typically relied upon to recruit donors. I will confess that I am an amateur at this. And while I am not a twenty-something geek living in my mother's basement, I am also not your typical, socially well-connected, well-healed political activist. I don't belong to the country club, the Elks, Rotary, etc. I don't golf, square dance, or do community theater. I don't even belong to any of the right churches.

I live in one of the poorest, rural areas of the state. Most of my patients are on Medicare, Medicaid, or charity care. The people I know socially live paycheck-to-paycheck or are on Social Security.

I will do my best, but it is really frustrating to know that with just a tenth of what we raised in a single money bomb for Ron Paul's presidential campaign, we could fund the RPI for a year and drive a stake in the heart of the old political machine here in Iowa.

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