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its not obvious...

if it was "OBVIOUS" you would think a lot more of the 160,000 civil engineers in the american society of civil engineers would agree. If it was obvious you would think they would spontaneously come to the truth themselves, but it is not obvious. It may appear obvious to you but it does not appear that way to most other people.

I was also convinced by the car/truck analogy for quite a while. But it is not an accurate model of what happened. It was not a car crashing into a truck, it was part of a building losing support. What you can see from the video is that the top part of the building is rotated nearly 20 degrees off center as it starts to fall. This means that the weight of the top part of the building is not centered and therefor is not being supported by the entire structure. The weight becomes focused on one corner, which cannot support it. This then lead to progressive collapse of the building.

But perhaps you are right. Maybe many thousands of pounds of high-tech explosives where strategically placed throughout the building? Lets have an independent investigation and put all the information on the table and see how it shakes out.

but please realize that it is not obvious and it is much more complicated that most in the truth movement give it credit for.