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story time?

office wrokers,and gene rosen reported hearing
a pop..pop..pop,gene thought it was hunters
911 call records shooting AT the school,not inside
but AT
one car in the lot was hit by 2 bullets,one going 1 going out
if there was shooting as reported,them shots that were heard could have been outside,but was planned in advance,this would explain
no one inside hearing shots,but of sounds like the custodian
dropping stuff
there was a maroon van with a missing back window,seen speeding away from the school,did this van drop off adam and the other shooters?
did one of the ones dropped off shoot at the van twice hitting it once,and the car in the lot? and the 3rd fired back at the ones dropped off,and left for patsies?
cops arrive to find adam dead on the floor,apparently shot himself
with a pistol,had to be as that was all he had with him
was adam and his mom shot by the same weapon? and then adam taken to the school already dead?
who broke the computers? and why?
adam was fingered as the shooter,but was wearing a mask!!
the fire dpt was used as a staging area for the cops and ambulances
there were none at the school,all were parked and never moved from
the fire dpt,one ambulance is shown parked with police tape surrounding it,IT NEVER MOVED,BUT THE DOORS WERE OPENED!
6 kids run out of classroom and run outside(when was the school put in lockdown?)
a bus driver sees them kids running,nothing reported as asking questions as to why they were not in school,but taken to rosen's house
rosen states the kids were calm sitting in a circle in his driveway
this account makes no sense,as the fire dpt was in between rosen's
and the school
he states the bus driver was returning from dropping off kids!
he lived there next to the school all them years and doesn't know the school or bus schedule?
he says he took the kids inside,where he has toys for them to play with,saying he had them for his grandson(some toys were girls)
he says for the record,one of the kids says we can't go back to school,our teacher was shot!!(i didn't correct them,he says)
correct them of what?
he never calls the cops to say he has truant kids in his house
but says,one of the kids said he had a small house!! this does not sound like a stressed kid who just saw his teacher shot
did rosen not correct them kids as to the play going on?
he wasn't concerned nor spoke of hearing or seeing sirens from cops nor the fire dpt,he says he wished he could call the parents of the kids at his home,Why couldn't he call them? or why didn't the bus driver get their names? who was that busdriver who was unconcerned
about kids being out of school?
did DHS help stage an event with the help of the school,and then use
it to stage a mass shooting? appears so,as no one was concerned so
far about the shooting,the cops showed up at the fire dpt
did the coroner say"it was big event?or a big tent?" i saw no tents
makeshift or otherwise
if it was a big event as i believe,then what was done was premeditated,and used to further an agenda,one we are seeing played out now,and it revolves around the 2nd amendment,but remember the fed gov always has more than one agenda or deal when something bad happens
one woman reports "the town got an automated message about the school"
the school reports sending an automated message to the parents
this same woman gets a text message from CBS!!! This raises a few questions
why did CBS text that woman? and how did they get her number to do so?
why were the first responders turned away that were from surrounding towns? and why were the (victims) driven by golfcart to the fire dpt,instead of the ambulances driven to the school?

the school put on a play with actors,them actors met at the fire dpt,the cops,first responders and the fire dpt were all there
all day and never moved
the play was centered around the new improved security system,
the fire dpt was used as a staging area for the actors,as well as the victims,who were also actors
cars lined the roads for the big event and blocked traffic coming and going from the tragic scene,with the help of the fed gov,the stage was set for the event,and it was used by them for their own agenda
if indeed there were murders that day it was planned and staged for this event
no one has seen nor heard from adam for 3 yrs,he was a ghost,by all
accounts,and was either drugged and dropped,then shot,or was shot beforehand right along with his mom,then placed inside the school
no one saw his face to say it was him,they just knew it was him!!
the fed gov was on the scene when no fed crime had taken place,why?
they helped coordinate the big event
the cops showed a long weapon in the trunk of the car,while watching the video,that was also planned and a staged event,as the
cop placed his hands all over that weapon,thereby smudging prints that might have been on it
he cleared the chamber,if i counted right,he pulled the lever back 4-5 times(meaning it had 4-5 bullets in it,not loaded to go on a killing spree),and not one long gun found on the suicided shooter


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence