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Comment: Hell has no sunlight at all. You are not there yet.

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Hell has no sunlight at all. You are not there yet.

I brought you some reading material for your journey.

      Geography and Climate

Geography, season, time, sky cover, and barriers between the sun and skin are all reasons why people do not produce as much vitamin D3 as they need. The Sun’s rays [are filtered by their] angle for UVB radiation to reach the surface of the planet. Because of this, seasons affect the time the light is available, and the further away from the equator, the smaller the [UVB light] window.

For instance, if you are in the Northern hemisphere, anywhere above the line from the Northern border of California [You are there now; Hell is downward] in the west to Boston in the east (42 degrees N), UVB light is only available in sufficient amounts from March to October. In parts of Canada and Alaska, this timeframe can be reduced to April through September. In the U.S., only those people south of the line from Los Angeles to Columbia, SC can receive enough UVB light for year round vitamin D production.

Additionally, the time of day affects how much UVB light is available for production of Vitamin D3. Adequate amounts of UVB light can only be absorbed between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Before or after this, UVA light will cause a burn before enough UVB light is absorbed. Also, cloud cover has a dramatic effect of UVB penetration. Clouds reduce penetration by 50%. Shade reduces UVB availability by another 60%. Finally, UVB light does not go through glass. Direct sun exposure is required for UVB light to get to the skin.

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