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Z, you are on to something.

It is true that the Truth Movement, which is mainly the Controlled demo Crowd. is ready to pounce on anyone who has a different view. It is almost like those who can't talk about 9/11 at all, and think your a nut bringing up the subject. I used to be as sure as them. Especially I thought the clincher was a presentation by AE911truth called experts agree, which I forwarded to almost everyone I know. I hope we all would agree in a new investigation; but there is still much accusing of "dis-info agents" etc.
I have been jumped on by those who were where I was only months ago.
There is other information that has to do with other evidence, which I could list. Although , is is tiresome dealing with the closed minded on this forum. I don't dare refute the Know-it-alls that do not want to consider an alternate possibility. I have gotten reamed for it .
The official event is in itself a psyop. We have to be careful not to be so sure other things aren't . Which evidence is plausible , I fear that someone wants to keep us at each others throats and it will bog down the truth and grind it to a halt.