Comment: Says "official story is out of control" then cites the Bible

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Says "official story is out of control" then cites the Bible


I've been following this story, too, and I've seen nothing that demonstrates sinister, pre-emptive motives by government. The conspiracy theories don't make sense. What would the government gain from taking this massive, complicated risk?

Why would the government concoct this elaborate hoax to take away guns? In the 1930's the confiscated gold, and firearms were widespread. The IRS takes most of your money every year. No complicated hoax necessary.

Also, let's keep this in perspective. Meanwhile people are worried about the government taking away assault rifles, the government has NUCLEAR WEAPONS, TANKS, DRONES, and other things. If a true revolution against the government occurred, what are you going to do with your pussy assault rifles while the government has nuclear bombs? All the government would have to do is that they are going to nuke a rebellious area, and all civilians who want to live have to surrender, or get nuked.

All of this hysteria and paranoia is a waste of time.