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Might doesn't make right.

"Sure we can. We own Guns."

Grab your gun then tin soldier? Show me that you're right and I'm wrong, just don't act all surprised when you realize how badly outgunned Anarchists are.

Like I've said many times; Anarchists serve a broken and worthless ideology that in the end amounts to "might makes right". They can't defend their broken ideas with reason or logic, and ultimately that leaves them with nothing but a gun in their hand and a finger up their nose.

When dealing with nihilists, the words that come out of their mouths are by their own definition worthless garbage, meaningless and vapid noises emitted from a hole on their face; something without value.

A nihilist is incapable of making a moral judgment or differentiating between right and wrong because they don't understand that right and wrong do exist, so of course they have guns to make their arguments for them and of course they can't defend their own words or ideas with reason and logic. Of course they believe that the gun in their hand is what can save them, but none of that changes the fact that they serve a broken ideology that they can't defend with words; only violence.

They're bad fruit.