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Ahh, I see

You are saying it is the division that caused him to end his bid, in my head (I probably just read your OP a bit too fast) I thought you were leaning more towards the liberals causing the downfall of the campaign altogether.

I can see where you are going with this, but I guess I never thought he stood a chance to become nominated... I hate saying that. Especially on here, obviously I would have loved for him to be nominated and win, but it just seemed like a snowball's chance in hell.

That being said, I really see the liberals as a positive addition to the idea of liberty. I am an ex liberal, I do not hold abortion "dear to my heart," but I am not completely opposed to someone making that decision. Most liberals can get over one or two things they hold dear for the bigger message of freedom and prosperity, and I just do not think they should be looked at as the enemy or a downfall.

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