Comment: If the Rodia info heard on the scanner...

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If the Rodia info heard on the scanner...

...was truly from a separate incident than the 872 YEO plate info heard right about the same time, a plate check might've resolved that early on, assuming that records had not been altered.

...although I have no idea if someone outside of law enforcement could even do a plate check or how complicated it would be. Too bad someone in the DP community who is in law enforcement couldn't have done a plate check early on.

But what I find most bizarre from this article is the statement from the police declaring "there was only one shooter: Adam Lanza, 20, who took his own life at the scene."

If the school shooting is still an active case, as stated in the article, and given all the things about this case that make one go "hmm...", including the things that fishy listed in the OP, why are the police so quick to make that determination of lone shooter?

If they can't even get straight such simple and basic crime investigation information as what guns were on the scene and where, I have to wonder at this point how they could be certain the bullet that ended Adam's life was even from one of the guns he had, assuming it really was even Adam Lanza in the first place.

One thing in all this Sandy Hook mess that DOES seem clear to me, however, is this:

1) Either all of these people (police, media, and others) are either completely inept, bungling goobers;


2) The dissemination of confusing and misleading information (as well as other questionable actions being taken or neglected) is deliberate.

There doesn't seem to be any middle ground there.

As such, they have NO room to complain when people react with questioning and suspicion.