Comment: Sunshine! Morning, noon or even midnight!

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Sunshine! Morning, noon or even midnight!

Morning, noon or even midnight if that's your lot.

Our bodies have learned over the millennium how to use the sun's rays for it's own benefit. Making Vitamin D out of cholesterol is one of many miraculous solar transformations.

Sunshine breaks down the bilirubin created when red blood cells die so it can be sent down the drain. How many other reactions benefit from sunlight?

The warming infrared light heats deep tissues and brings toxins to the skin's surface to be washed off in a shower.

Two hundred mice, 100 had nose dabbed with iodine and all were exposed to infectious mouse virus. !00 with iodine noses did not get sick and 30 of the untreated batch as well.

I use a betadine (pre-surgical wash) drop on thumb and forefinger then pinch the end of my nose.

Iodine tablet (12.5mg) a day is also my routine. The Japanese have traditionally eaten 12 mg a day as seaweed. Low breast and prostrate cancer rates and they live longer than Americans.

Sweat and Elimination threaten to deplete essential trace minerals every day. Keep the immune system tuned up by providing a daily dose of 60 essential minerals to activate enough killer enzymes to meet the need.

Make sure that plenty of fish oil or flaxseed oil (refrigerated) goes in along with good and nutritious food.

Bonus: Double the carbohydrate load and double the vitamin and mineral needs. Follow a primal blueprint instead.

Good health to you!

Free includes debt-free!