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He's not the ideal RP person,

He's not the ideal RP person, but he is way better than Cole. Cole was not very receptive to the RP delegate movement. Martin wants the energy of the RP movement and recognizes that we are the future. For example, we had 35% of the delegate base at the state convention and walked away with nothing because of the directives sent down from Cole to block our camp. Martin has not been shy about voicing his beliefs to work with us. He lost in the Attorney General's race this year to the Dem. One of his campaign points was about bringing lawsuits against the Feds on 10th issues and standing firm on the line between Federal jurisdiction and State jurisdiction.

"Martin said the race is about electing an attorney general willing to challenge what he believes is an overreaching federal government. At one point in the campaign, he jokingly promised that if President Barack Obama wins re-election, "I'll probably sue him every day. If (Mitt) Romney wins, I'll sue him every other day."

"The balance of power is so profoundly off between Washington, D.C., and the states that I do think that one of the primary questions over the next five to 10 years will be, how do we push back on that?" Martin said. "Honestly, I don't think Congress and the president from either party will fix the imbalance without help from us."

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