Comment: There are too many at the JBS,

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There are too many at the JBS,

who are still living in the Cold War. We continue to hear all this propaganda BS about Putin, but the last time I checked he ran out or jailed all the robber baron Oligarchs and has payed off all their debt. He has revitalized Chritianity (non-Zionist) in Russia by rebuilding the churchs throughout the country, that were delapidated from the Soviet rule. He has built a Russia military focusing on defense, and only acts when threatened.
Now, lets take a look at our country. Our leadership props up the Oligarchs, and goes after small independent businesses, like many in organics and especially raw milk producers by fining them out of business, if not charging them with some trupped up charge. The majority of our Christian base spends more time focusing on blasphemic Zionism, rather than the teachings of the Lord, and will back any murderous aggression, if the 'mythical' threat towards Israel is imposed. Our military is equal to the Soviet regime as we invade and kill many innocents to force our way of governance on them, will stealing their resources for the Oligarch elites. The way I see it, we have been evolving towards a Fascist Soviet style government, while the Russians have moved towards a anti-aggression stop gap in the UN and towards a more Liberty minded governance. The problem evading the JBS argument, is the communist framers have been operating in the US, by buying off both sides of the political venue for many years. They call themselves Liberal Democrats and Neocon Repubs, when they are both communist trained to forment a Totalitarian Fascist state.
The late 'sleeping prophet' Edgar Cayce envisioned, that Russia will return to its Christian roots after the Communist fall and will come to save America from its fall from the Lord, and help to return us to a peace loving Christian nation.