Comment: Pro and Con

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Pro and Con

Just because one person, host, guest, or speaker on RT expressed an opinion, should we assume that's the official opinion of the whole organization or editorial staff?

If "RT" "is in favor of this" and "against that" are they biased? Or are we being selective, and only quoting what one speaker said, instead of evaluating the organization as a whole?

Editorials and editorial comment is not supposed to be neutral. They should be allowed and encouraged. To smear the whole organization for being out of lockstep does not improve journalism.

The real question is, how well do they report the news? Do they get their facts straight? Do they report the important stuff? Do they allow opposing views when appropriate?

They sure did a better job covering the GOP primary than anyone else besides the DP, or Ben Swann, in my opinion. Our own journalists are too inside.

What do you think?