Comment: This is fairly stupid.

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This is fairly stupid.

By that logic, we could have simply nuked Fallujah, Pyongyang, and Hanoi. It's called "international hatred."

Let's take your scenario. Let's say they dropped The Bomb. Suddenly, every third American mysteriously develops an absolute, burning hatred of ANYTHING in Washington, D.C. That would not end well - for the ones who ordered The Bomb.

PR is a powerful tool, and it's really f***ing hard to put good PR on a nuke. The uses of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still considered war crimes by many today; you think they could get away with doing it to an American town?

Regarding civilians owning them... there's literally no defensive use. They're designed specifically to mass-murder large populations of civilians, and there's no way to use them for anything else. They're DESIGNED to cause outrageous amounts of collateral damage. You can't be "precise" to any degree. I oppose the GOVERNMENT owning them.

Also, you're assuming an armed resistance would be centralized to any meaningful degree. Let's say martial law happens, and an armed resistance springs up. You CAN'T use strategic weapons; you can't even use conventional missiles or artillery, let alone city-destroying warheads. The resistance would be surrounded by civilians, and the majority of the resistance would also be as anonymous as possible, probably utilizing long-range rifles and homemade bombs.