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rand was taught by his father the same exact message but spoken differently to a different side. Just like what ron did with us.
he speaks the same message in different ways speaking to different american groups. That is how he got his meesage out so fast.
He is smarter then even most of his own supporters can fathom.

abortion should be off the federal table.
libs and statists do not like this.
Ron knows those issues causes division just like gay marriage and drugs.
all state issues as the constitution dictates.
yes there are libs here who seek to bring rand down.
they do not want our constitution followed nor even spoken of.
they have learned how to spin and lie and do so here every day.
post about rand and good votes, then ask innocent unsuspecting dp users to sign a "gun ban in fed buildings" petition.. etc etc..
look deeper and you will see what i mean.
it is the threads they dont post on which give them away and then post on the ones that are spin.
The good, viable threads of our constitution are left to drown while the bad anti second amendment, unconstitutional threads rise to the top and it is always the same ones who post consistently and constantly.
just look deeper. and watch what they say.
you will figure it out, many have all ready and are just starting to say this site has changed because it has, and did so this past summer, when it changed its name and played the in and out portrait of dr. paul

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016