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+1 Neil Cavuto

It was a cold,snow floating, bone chilling winter night only but a year ago. I walked in through the back door and made may way into the basement for warmth. Unbuttoned and unzipped the heavy coat, removed the soaking and near frozen tipped gloves, and stepped away from frost bitten shoes - I turned on the television.

There, it was Neil, covering a story that seemed otherwise meaningless to any significant consequence. I thought for a moment to switch the channel, find something more amusing and a better approach of used time. Suddenly, there was an interview coming up next that I was told I could not miss.

Foolishly, in a gullible manner, I made my wait just to see. Who, what I might find? It was Dr. Ron Paul. Who? I never heard of him before.

My life changed that night, a fire was lit inside my being and I never knew the meaning of cold again. A torch shown new ways upon a decade long path. Alone for so long, lost in a drift of confusion, there were the shadows of others, flickering, dancing, with the flame.


Ron made Neil be honest, I thank Neil for fulfilling the task.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.