Comment: Exactly, Rodia was a red herring

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Exactly, Rodia was a red herring

The "Radioman911TV" version is a crude mashup of at least four different audio streams. I, too, made a point of getting the individual tapes from and reviewing them, and did not find them to conclusively show Rodia to be on the scene. The officer who reads back the "YEO" license plate for the black Nissan is not the same one who reads off Rodia's name, contrary to what some were claiming. This being the case, I personally never touted the "Rodia was the camo man" or "Rodia owns the Honda" as a "PROVEN FACT" or even something I considered likely, and I saw the danger in people erroneously claiming this.

However, the fact is that in no way does Rodia not being involved with the Sandy Hook shooting somehow make the evidence that there was one or more people taken into custody as potential second shooters -- including the guy in camo pants who was pulled out of the woods -- disappear.

They are trying to conflate this Rodia thing with all of the other evidence. This may confuse some people, but hopefully most people following this shell game can see it for what it is.