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Notice how Zbig mentions that

Notice how Zbig mentions that things are in published papers right out in the open. I often mention these sort of things. Right out in the open. Papers, reports, recommendations, legislation, resolutions, etc and so forth. Published by government, NGOs, foundations, policy orgs, think tanks, etc and so forth. What's the charge leveled against me? "Conspiracy Theorist" of course. Why? Because I read this stuff or articles written about it, summarizing and citing it.

It's in the open. It's published. People are clearly working towards it. Yet, it is "conspiracy theory". The realm of "kooks". Never mind it published by those with the influence and/or power to work towards it and that it is clearly been worked towards or even fully implemented.

Americans don't read, and so much of "conspiracy theory" isn't even secret. It's right out in the open but people's perceptions won't allow them to accept it.