Comment: We need to get our tech

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We need to get our tech

We need to get our tech people on to promote this. This is one of the most important things we can do to further our influence in the GOP: show that when liberty-minded folk achieve leadership status that we can bring loot to the table. Unfortunately, as our movement matures the more it will be on us to fund state parties and not just wait for elections. We're buying our ideas into one of the major parties and our influence will decide what candidates run where and have more supervision over those running for reelection. Also, maintaining our delegates status is very important to make sure we keep gaining a bigger foothold into said party. I, for one, think we should focus on IA first and see how it goes. Then, we see what improvements we need to make to go bigger for NV and so forth. Getting Ron/Rand in on this in some way would go a very long way even if they just did a facebook post that promo'd whatever FB page/date we make for this.