Comment: What were the choices for Speaker?

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What were the choices for Speaker?

Was it only those among the present leadership, because Cantor is an Israel-firster Zionist, who would push for even more taxpayer theft to give to Israel! We need to get the 'ignorant' Limbaugh/Hannity/Faux News sheep to wake the f**k up, and see the people like Cantor or Ryan who these paid controll operatives praise over Boener, are just Corportist shills who have done nothing to change our course. I hear the 'ignorant' always say, well the House can't really do anything, because the Dems control the Senate, that's such BS! The House could stand against Obama and could impeach him for his unconstitutional EO's, Fast and Furious, going to war without Congressional consent, ect, ect! They need to be shown by their records on legislation they have supported and why they don't sell the constituents how the Republic is being destroyed by a Corporatist collectivist system. If this guy Yoho was really going to make a stand, he would make people aware, he is not going to be controlled by the Corporations, Banks, or the MIC, like those who lead the GOP. He desires to stand for the Constitution and to defend the people of the Republic, first and foremost. This guy may show he 'might' make a stand, but I'm not impressed by his vote, and neither should anybody else. We don't have time to nudge the GOP establishment, they either stand up against their Corporatist agenda or become irrellevent, period!