Comment: I think people should give feedback on this

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I think people should give feedback on this

I was thinking people might be more enthusiastic about one than another and we'd get a bigger total letting people pick. What if someone from Maine really thought they were a heartbeat from taking that, or someone from MN thought with their financial trouble it made no sense donating out of state when they needed money there?

Those focusing on 2016 might focus more on Iowa, and those focusing on individual candidates in 2014 might aim at other states. I was trying to pick up everyone, for the overall impact that having Ron Paul supporters included in your state GOP is a good thing. I was also concerned that a series of moneybombs would pale after the first couple, and that one big one might get more involved.

But since the goal IS to get more involved, maybe people should say which would more motivate them. For me, it is the multi chapter moneybomb, but the consensus may be otherwise when all is said and done.

If people express their opinion on that, that would be great.

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