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Professional cowardice is nothing new

Go on record supporting 9/11 truth and see what happens to your career. There are no doubt many people who disbelieve the official story yet think it better to remain silent, just like Nazi Germany.

As for your argument about the upper blocks being off center, non-starter. First, you only raise a point which further undermines the official story, the rotation by nearly 20 degrees of an upper block. The law of conservation of angular momentum dictates that is should have kept on rotating and tilting over, unless stopped by an equal and opposite external force. Instead it disintegrated before our eyes, and halted its rotation, which could only be accomplished through explosive force.

Finally I hardly think you can speak for "most of the truth movement," or imply it does not appreciate complexity. You are merely employing the old and worn tricks of a low-life lawyer who wants to say "Are you sure you saw the man shoot her? Isn't it more complex then that?" No it is not more complex than that. The man shot her.

Release the Sandy Hook video.