Comment: my parents were very good parents . . .

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my parents were very good parents . . .

excellent people in every way--

but there were things about them I did not understand, perhaps because I was the 'child' and immature.

Since the death of both of them (years apart) I have had dreams and experiences that have helped me to understand them--

it's been amazing; I know my parents now. I thought I knew them when they were alive, but now I can't wait to see them again; I do believe I will be with them again someday. I'm not trying to hurry that up, but it's been an amazing experience.

Ha! That's good about the 'girlfriend' and the movie--

Fathers tend to do that; my father remarried again too quickly after my mother's death (and he adored my mother), and he acted like a teenager for a number of years--

after that, she dumped him (the second wife), and we got dad back, sick and old--

but it was good; it was good to have him back.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--